Professional Pest Control & Exterminator Services

Realising the values of professionalism and specialisation, our strong and diverse team consists of certified pesticide technicians; certified home inspectors. The teams of certified and licensed pesticide applicators are divided into pest specialties such as termites, bedbugs, fleas, rodent, ants, cockroaches and other interior pests. Complete pest management requires a thorough knowledge of pest and their harborages. An effective program attacks the pest and its basic survival requirements (food, water, and shelter) and identifies and eliminates these sources. Network Pest Control prides itself for it's environmentally conscience, effective, reliable and innovative approach to pest management.

All of our employees are insured, licensed and certified in their field of expertise. In addition, we have in place, and enforce, a formal Safety Program to minimise accidents, contaminations, and to avoid damages to clients' property.

Integrated Pest Management Approach

In an effort to keep our environment clean, Network Pest Control utilises an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program approach to help eliminate pest.

IPM utilises all possible control techniques in managing existing and potential pest infestations. While pesticide is a necessary tool in the IPM Program, they take on a decreased role. The goals of our IPM Program are:
1. change the living environment of the pests to make it less likely that the pests will be able to survive;
2. use inspections and monitoring devices to determine where pests are active;
3. apply pesticides only to those area(s) where pests are active; and
4. use of safe and approved pesticides. It is important that management and occupants work with us to practice proper sanitation and exclusion. Communication between the service technician and management is critical for a successful IPM Program. The service technician has the added responsibility of identifying conditions that may contribute to pest infestations and reporting to the client. In order for the IPM Program to work, we need to work together to correct these conditions.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand that finding the right pest control firm is important. Before any project is taken on, we conduct a thorough interview and evaluation of the existing environment to develop the prefect program for the property. Once the program is created, we can then provide a routinely scheduled "maintenance pest control" on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly basis as needed or desired. All services under contract are conditionally guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied, we will retreat your property completely free-of-charge.

Operating locally for over 10 years, we are professionals in all aspects of pest management. We specialise in termite detection, eradication and general pest control services. Network Pest Control is an accredited HomeGuard, Nemesis Baiting & Term X replenishment installer.

100% elimination of pests and customised solutions to prevent future infestations

Left untouched, insects can cause considerable structural damage to your property and become health hazards as well. Protect your building and its occupants with Network Pest Controls full range of pest control solutions and preventative treatments. Our effective extermination and maintenance programs can rid your facility of invasions of ants, roaches, termites, beetles, flies, fleas, spiders, rats and other pests.

We only use registered pesticides and take all the precautions necessary to ensure the health and safety of people, pets and plants. After inspecting your building's interior and exterior - including crawl spaces and roof voids - our pest control experts will diagnose your problem and determine the optimal course of treatment.

Network Pest Control services both domestic and commercial industries and is fully insured. Our aim is customer satisfaction.